Executive Board

Executive Committee

Ronic Tatum

Danielle Stanley

1st Vice President

Kalia Batts

2nd Vice President

Kimberly Hatcher


Kristyn Owens


Tawnie King

Recording Secretary

Shedonna Merritt-May

Financial Secretary

Roxanne Williams

Asst. Financial Secretary

Tonette King

Corresponding Secretary

Sheena Peace

Sergeant At Arms

Anise Jones

Dominique McMillan


Tammie Barnes DeLoach


Patricia Jernigan

Journalist/Social Media

Carolyn Willie

Keeper of Properties/Custodian:

Ronic Tatum & Anise Jones

Risk Management Coordinator

Alicia Mitchell

Internal Audit Chair

LaToya Vickers

Nominating Chair

Marcia Gervin-Gillyard, Enid Hairston & Latoya Vickers

Nominating Committee

Executive Board

No Chair Currently

Arts & Letters

Vernida Hamilton-Causey & Marcia Gervin-Gillyard – Chair

Delta Emergency Response Team

Danielle Stanley – Chair

Anise Jones – Chair

Heritage & Archives

Anita Jones – Chair


Joycelyn Durk – Chair

Membership & Reclamation

Cosetta Samuel, Tommie Watkins

Panhellenic Council

Tammie Barnes Deloach – Chair

Policies & Procedures

Patricia Jernigan – Chair


Yolanda Green – Chair


LaToya Vickers

Technology/Social Media

Luana Wesley – Chair

Ways & Means

Programs, Planning & Development Committees 5 Point Thrust

Anita Jones

Economic Development

Tera Alferos, Jasmine Wyatt & Alexis Moser

Delta Academy

Yolanda Loper

Delta Gems

Fredia Rhodes, Mary Bedford & Sheila Matthews

Embodi (Middle & High School)

Ronic Tatum & Alisia Kirkwood

Social Action (Political Awareness & Involvement)

Anise Jones and Patricia Clardy

International Awareness And Involvement

Kalia Batts & Shakeema Prescott

Physical & Mental Health

Kalia Batts & Nicole Jernigan

Women Helping Women Children & Families

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